Bespoke Software Development House

We are an Agile Software Development House from Wrocław, Poland. Our main goal is to deliver an outstanding mobile and web experience by using an unique blend of creative and usable product design and innovative web development on hosted on scalable web cloud platforms. 

Our offer

We build and maintain custom web applications

Existing Application

If you are looking to migrate your existing internal business critical application onto the high-availability cloud or already having an app which needs iterative innovation.

Bespoke Application

A MVP oriented approach to design and delivery of your bespoke web or mobile application carefully crafted to meet end-user needs.

Team Leasing

Integrating our product design and development teams into your organisation to improve an efficiency in reacting to conditions of extreme uncertainty in the process of innovating your product.

Our services

Carefully constructed teams to deliver your digital product

Technical Consulting

We analyse technical requirements for the product and the challenges it will face day to day and when it scale. Our business analysts check and verify requirements for the product and the expectations its sets and choose the right approach to optimise effectiveness of the product development.

UX Prototyping

Our iterative process of delivering functional prototype of your product to receive necessary feedback from stakeholders and end-users. Main deliverable of this stage is a functioning prototype or a wireframe. This can be presented to the stakeholders or investors. We will also define data and user flows trough your product.

Web & Mobile Development

Our highly skilled engineers building your product and delivering it in regular cycles called Sprints. Regular release cycle allows you to monitor the process of your product web development and allow for immediate reaction to change.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance team will be ensuring released software does meet the requirements and accessibility metrics. Automated and manual tests  ensure the quality of released functionality and reduce the risk of failure.


Good product needs solid infrastructure. Our technical advice and support will guarantee maximum deliverability and automation throughout the cycle of build and continuous support the product after public release.

Internet of Things

We are passionate about internet and we’d love to think and create devices that connect real world with an online world.

Let's talk about your project

Give us a shout and let’s arrange consultation of your product needs and we will guide you through the most efficient way of supporting your product development needs. We will also explain the process, provide you with an estimate and advice of how you can meet your objectives using innovative technology. 

Case Studies

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